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19 E Walnut St Suite A

Columbia MO 65203
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Heather Blankenship, Therapist/Owner
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My Hours of Business:
Monday 10-7
Wednesday 10-6
Friday 9-5
Every other Saturday 10-2



Prices & Services

1 hour - $55.00

 90 min Massage $85.00

2 hour - Massage $110.00




My Clinic

I'm a Licensed Massage Therapist in a small business of my own in Columbia. I have been licensed since 2011. I enjoy my profession and every thing that goes along with it. I went to school at Metro Business College in Jefferson City and worked at a Spa for 2yrs before going out on my own.

My business aims to give you a step back from the chaos in your life and ease the stress. I'm here to indulge you from head to toe to make you feel confident and happy on the inside and out. I offer soothing massages for both women and men in a comfortable and quiet setting. My work ensures that you leave happy and satisfied.

My Philosophy
My profession is to help the body work out the kinks, pain, and just give relaxation to the overall human body. We need our bodies to operate at a high quality so we can function in our daily lives and live a quality life. Massage can be a luxury but also a necessity for some. I will never diganose a problem because I'm not a doctor, but I will give the expertise as a experienced Massage Therapist.






Services and More

Deep Tissue Massage:
Is where I use slower strokes with a deeper
pressure to release the more stubborn
muscle tension in the deeper layers
of muscle tissue.

Sweedish Massage:
Is where I use long gliding strokes,
kneading, friction with light to medium
pressure in the direction towards the heart,
for better circulation, range of motion and

Hot Stone Therapy:
I use to warm up the tissue so I can get
into the deeper muscles. The stones are
basalt stone so they keep heat which
allows them to relax the tissue and helps
with circulation and calms the nervous


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